I first went to Bali in 1985 after studying and performing Javanese Gamelan music in Berkeley, California. I decided to travel to Bali where I had heard that life, art and religion were integrated, and where I had an intuitive sense that I would blossom. My feeling was right and I spent the next 10 years living and studying Balinese dance and culture, as well as exploring my own creativity.

I studied with Ida Bagus Anom, Gusti Ayu, and Kompiang in Ubud. The main part of my studies were with Sang Ayu Ketut Muklen from Titiapi, Pejeng. Sang Ayu is now in her eighties and still is teaching and dancing with vitality and joy. While in Bali, I also created two coloring books about Balinese culture, "Color Bali Color" and "Bali Time", and a small instruction book with illustrations of Balinese dance called, "Legong Pelayon".

The photos below show three of the Balinese dances which I perform internationally.


Teruna Jaya



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